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Del Grosso, Cinthia

Leo's moon

Melbourne : Bambini Media, 2021
Abstract/Sommario: Leo's Moon by author, Cinthia Del Grosso is above all inspirational in its message about cleaning up the planet, but equally important in reinforcing to children that anyone and everyone can make a difference. Sometimes they just need a leader to get things started! The story follows young Leo, a small boy who wants to make the moon happy again by cleaning up the Earth. He comes up with the idea that as long as everyone does their part in keeping the planet clean, we can make our Ea ...; [leggi tutto]
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Descrizione Leo's moon / written by Cinthia Del Grosso. - Melbourne : Bambini Media, 2021. - [28] p. : ill. ; 21x21 cm
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Del Grosso, Cinthia
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