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Postgate, Oliver

Ivor the Engine. The Elephant

London : Picture Lions, 1979
Abstract/Sommario: Alice is a circus elephant, she is normally placid, but does not like taking medicine or being bathed by anyone except her owner, Bani Moukerjee. When Ivor met her, she had escaped from Charlie Banger's circus and was asleep on the track with an injured foot...
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Descrizione Ivor the Engine. The Elephant / story by Oliver Postgate ; pictures by Peter Firmin. - London : Picture Lions, 1979. - 32 p. : ill. ; 21 cm. - (Ivor the engine)
Based on the tv series. It follows the adventures of a small green steam locomotive who lives in the "top left-hand corner of Wales"...
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Postgate, Oliver
Firmin, Peter
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