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Chönz, Selina

A bell for Ursli : A Story from the Engadine in Switzerland

Zurich : Orell Füssli, 2015
Abstract/Sommario: All through the summer in the Engadine Mountains of Switzerland the cattle feed in the mountain meadows, carrying bells round their necks. The calves have little bells and the cows have big ones... Ursli is a little boy who lives in the Swiss Alps. In order to find a big cowbell so that he can lead the spring procession through his village, he goes alone to his family's chalet high up in the mountains. There, he spends a lonely, scary night.
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Descrizione A bell for Ursli : A Story from the Engadine in Switzerland / written by Selina Chönz ; illustrated by Alois Carigiet. - Zurich : Orell Füssli, 2015. - [28] p. : ill. ; 15x19 cm
  • ISBN: 3280013186
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  • Zürich - [Luogo di pubblicazione]
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Chönz, Selina
Carigiet, Alois
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